Individual Counseling Individual Counseling

One-on-One private, confidential psychotherapy addressing a range of issues from life transitions to major psychiatric and/or addictions difficulties. Service is typically covered by health insurance benefits*.
Family Counseling Family Counseling

Private, confidential family psychotherapy to assist with arising or long-term family dynamic problems. Service is typically covered by health insurance benefits*.
Group Counseling Group Counseling

Psychotherapy sessions with a skillful clinician and other individuals experiencing similar life challenges. This treatment method offers the support and guidance of a collaborative approach. Service is typically covered by health insurance*. benefits.
Recovery Interventions Recovery Interventions

We will assist you and/or your addicted loved one in beginning the journey to Recovery by coordinating your care with one of our community treatment partners.
Life Specialists Life Specialists

On your life journey toward a state of happiness and personal fulfillment, we can help you to achieve your goals and reach your peak potential. Soar beyond your preconceived life limitations. Transform yourself to live the life of your dreams. Life Specialists can assist you with motivation, personal fitness, education, vocational, social, and relationship goals.

Psychiatric Relapse Prevention through Active Recovery Experiences. Treatment focused on improving members' ability to confidently function in the community, establish healthy interpersonal realtions, and effectively manage the symptoms of psychiatric conditions.
Disability Advocacy Disability Advocacy

Along the path to change, individuals may require additional assistance through the Social Security Administration disability program. In such situations, we are available to advocate for you during your application process.
Educational Tutoring Educational Tutoring

Our Massachusetts certified Teachers can help with individual or small group tutoring sessions for children, teens, or adults seeking to further their educational growth and advancement.
    * AHC is a provider in most private and
public insurance networks
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